Monday, July 18, 2011

Get to Know Ouidah

Staying true to our promise to bring new videos to our supporters every month, we’re back for the month of July. This time, we let our film-making class students do the work.  As a cultural exchange with BayCat, a media program for youth in San Francisco, our students prepared five videos portraying different aspects of everyday life in Benin.   Here they are –

Life in Ouidah #1 – Transportation 
In Benin there are taxis, but the most common form of door-to-door public transportation is the motorcycle taxi, or the Zehmidjan. Two students show you how it works!

Life in Ouidah #2 – A Meal - 
Outdoor kitchens, milling stones, cooking is a different experience in Benin!

Life in Ouidah #3 – Clothing - 
Clothing in Benin starts at the market where the customer chooses fabric. Next the seamstress!

Life in Ouidah #4 – Haircut - 
Haircuts are “old school” in Benin. Check out how it happens. 

Life in Ouidah #5 – About Ouidah -  
You hear about Ouidah all the time. These students did a video to show you a standard house and the most interesting sites in their city.

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  1. These films are great!

    As a musician who recently taught English in Benin, I am so impressed with the work that has been done at CIAMO, and excited for the kids and the communities that are benefiting from these opportunities...