Monday, June 27, 2011

International Music Council visits CIAMO

Traditional Percussion Demonstration

CIAMO was happy to host delegation of the International Music Council, part of UNSECO, on June 22nd. Members from the delegation were from Kenya, Togo, Ghana, and Benin.  CIAMO presented the “traditional” and the “modern” side of its work in Ouidah.

First several students demonstrated what they had learned in Traditional Percussion class using Beninese rhythms, with emphasis on the use of the gong. After, a group of 15 students did a short lesson demonstration with director and music teacher, John Mark. The students showed the delegation that during just 7 months they had already learned the basics of “do re me” and note durations. The delegation was especially impressed by their rendition of “KoKoKo,” a song written by the children during a visit from artist-in-residence Leni Stern.

Children participate in class with a the delegation watching from behind.
After the demonstration, the delegation watched videos about the center and posed a variety of questions about the center. CIAMO is anxious to collaborate with the ICM, especially its Beninese counterparts. Here’s to a bright future for arts education in Benin!

John Mark accompanies "Ko Ko Ko" on Piano. 

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