Friday, November 11, 2011

CIAMO Soundcast: Bidosessi Women

Formed in 2005, the Association Bidossessi (which in fon translates to
"everything is in the hands of God") is composed of about fifty women,
and led by one of their featured vocalists, President Julienne
AGLOSSI.  Womens associations are numerous in Ouidah, primarily to
alleviate some of the poverty women experience and enhance their
autonomy in the society.  Bidossessi engages in revenue projects such
as micro-finance, weaving mats, and cooking crunchy little "gateaux"
that get sold at the local markets.  They have also created ten
traditional songs with themes regarding AIDS, slavery, solidarity,
politics and good governance, both to strengthen their creative
muscles but also in hopes of generating further income.  This week,
CIAMO collaborated with local NGO IMPACT to record a few of
Bidossessi's songs!

Here's the CIAMO Soundcast: 

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