Monday, November 7, 2011

Au Revoir, Sarah

On Friday, November 4th, CIAMO said goodbye to Peace Corps Response Volunteer Sarah Ellison, whose initiative, presence, and talents have made CIAMO the vibrant place it is today. Sarah's departure was marked by speeches by director John Mark Feilmeyer, the director of Ganve Elementary School Madame Agbidinoukoun Loure, original songs composed for the event by dance and guitar instructor Sim De Souza and music teacher Carla Seidl, poetry slamming by office assistant Theophane Lofena, and dance by students of Ganve Elementary School. Visual arts teacher Nancy Haggarty and curriculum development specialist Lydia Dambekalns presented Sarah with books of drawings and messages made by students and teachers of the entire CIAMO community. During her time at CIAMO, Sarah Ellison served as visual arts teacher, initiating students into the world of color, murals, photography, and video, among other things. Thank you for all your hard work, Sarah! We will miss you!

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