Monday, September 5, 2011

Mural Outreach

Malaria, which kills almost a million people a year, is a costly disease for the continent of Africa. CIAMO recently created a project, with help from Peace Corps’ Small Project Assistance Fund, that uses visual and performing arts as a way to do community outreach about topics such as Malaria and HIV/AIDS prevention.

After learning about malaria, its symptoms and its prevention, 5 artists (including Sarah, our art teacher) were paired with 6 primary and high school students to design and realize large murals in five places throughout the city of Ouidah. This gave students a chance to put their newly acquired artistic skills to work and artists the chance to encourage and teach the children new techniques.

In the end, their work yielded incredible results, all of which have really caught the attention of the people of Ouidah and visitors from elsewhere! The standard messages such as “Mosquitoes give you malaria!” “Malaria is prevented by mosquito nets!” and “Keep your household clean to avoid mosquitoes!” find new life in these incredible works!

Here they are:

Finished: Leonel & Jean-Louis
Student Leonel and Artist Jean Louis

Finished: Ariane & Sarah
Student Ariane and Artist/Teacher Sarah Ellison

Finished: Lori & Alexis
Student Lorrie and artist 

Finished: Carrine & Pascal
Studen Carine and artist Paschal Avokpo

Finished: Marina, Valerie, & Elon
Marina, Valerie, and the artist Elon-m

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