Friday, June 3, 2011

Nigerian Students Visit the Center

Students from Grange School
As part of collaboration with International Academy of the French Language, CIAMO recently hosted a group of 38 Nigerian students from Grange School, for a morning of art and music. These students were participating in a week-long French-language focused field trip to Benin.

The students were divided into two groups, each of which spent about 50 minutes with the both the John Mark in the music room and Sarah in the art room. A bit of Irony ensued as both of them, former English teachers, proceeded to teach French while teaching art and music.

Un elephant. . .
In the music room the students learned the Peace Corps Classic, “J’ai dit a boom chika boom” the song in French, “Un Elephant qui Se Ballançait” accompanied by all of the appropriate gestures. In the art room the students worked on a recycling project. They were all taught how to make paper beads using old magazines, matches and glues.

Bead making workshop. . .
Upon their depart, every student made a small donation to the school, a way of showing their recognition of the value of our project, which gives children less fortunate then themselves the chance to learn art and music.
CIAMO students receiving donations.

5 CIAMO students were present to help with the sessions. They sang and played their instruments. After, several students from Grange School offered their own little concert for the group. CIAMO holds fast to its international status, and is always excited and eager to give its students a chance to engage with people from other countries and cultures. Thanks to Grange School, for visiting!

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