Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Songwriters' Circle

When Artist in Residence Leni Stern was at CIAMO in March, we started a new tradition for songwriters at the center. A group of songwriters joins together for two sessions a month. We call the first session an “auto formation.” Each participant shares a song, and the others give feedback and help them to arrange their work.

At the second session, we give a mini-concert to the general public. The music room, which has a stage built-in, serves as an excellent space for small and intimate concerts. This week we hosted a group of five composers from Ouidah who put on an hour long concert. We were happy to have over 50 people come to cheer them on.

We expect the group and the concerts to grow in popularity in the coming months. CIAMO gives Ouidah a much needed space for small and intimate concerts.

-John Mark Feilmeyer

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