Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Newest Team Member: Theophane

Theophane hard at work.

My name is Theophane Lofena. I’m the son of Beninese parents. Ever since I was old enough to know the difference between true and false, good and bad, I have understood that the universe is made up of art, pure art.

This is why one of the best decisions in my life has been to be a part of the family of art. I’ve thus spent almost my entire life dreaming of a world that is simply beautiful and full of melody. I write poetry, perform as a slammer, and am in the process of learning guitar and songwriting.

Beautiful dreams are always good, but to realize those dreams is even better.  This is what the ArtForce Africa team, founded by Sarah DuPont and Gigi Hancock, was wise enough to do in Ouidah, Benin.
Now I’m part of the team as the Office Assistant.  Ever since I discovered CIAMO, I have wanted to be a part of that team, sure that within I would find kind people filled with creative energy while at the same time, serious in their work.

Now, I should mention John Mark, Wilfrid, and Sarah, who are some of the marvelous people with whom I am lucky enough to work at CIAMO.  I’m not sure anyone could understand how proud I am to work with them.

I believe strongly and passionately that this project will be more successful than anyone could imagine.  From deep within, I believe in the arts, and work for CIAMO with zeal! 

Theophane, the slammer, performs at our French Language Week Variety Show. 

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