Thursday, January 27, 2011

CIAMO Welcomes Sarah

As the newest member of the team here at CIAMO, I’m happy to have arrived safely and to have started working quickly. The center is beautiful and I’m in the final stages of preparing my classroom. My name is Sarah Ellison and I’ve recently finished two years of secondary school English teaching in Benin with the PeaceCorps. During my service I had an after school art club and frequently organized art sessions for camps around the country.

I’m excited to begin teaching at CIAMO this Monday starting with the basic principals of color and the concepts of ‘warm’ versus ‘cool’ colors. Throughout the next few weeks we’ll be looking into how colors interact with each other, what difference tone makes, and the color wheel. With the wonderful tempura paints that are already here and watercolors and construction paper that I recently brought from the states, the students will truly have some great experiences with color!

I’m looking forward to working with the team here and will be starting some after school programs with local artists and older students soon. I’ll also be organizing a monthly video update so get ready for some more videos!

- Sarah Ellison, Chargee du Programme d'Art Plastique

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